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Bryce headshot.JPG

Bryce Nie 


RANK: Purple belt 

Bryce Nie 

Bryce is a valuable addition to the coaching team at Mat Shark, and his journey to becoming a coach is quite impressive. He caught the eye of Head Coach Adam Jacques during a local tournament where he showcased his talents as a Purple belt competitor. Bryce's focus is on nogi, and he has recently returned from a training stint at Absolute MMA in Melbourne, further enhancing his skills and knowledge.

Despite his laid-back demeanor, Bryce is known for his strong commitment to technique, ensuring that the students receive quality instruction. He leads the Friday nogi day class and the Saturday morning class, which has become a favorite among the members at Mat Shark.

Bryce's dedication extends beyond the scheduled classes, as he frequently stays back after the Saturday morning class for open mat sessions. During this time, he is readily available to answer questions and provide additional help (albeit with a certain backdrop of the "James hype" playlist), fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment within the gym. Bryce's contributions as a coach and his willingness to assist further enrich the training experience for all members at Mat Shark.

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