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At Mat Shark Jiu-Jitsu 

Complete 9 x ADCC rounds comprised of 6 rounds at 6 minutes (3+3) followed immediately by 3 rounds at 8 minutes (4+4) Rounds commencing at 6pm sharp ⚠️

If you’re late - you can’t train ‼️

If you leave the mat - you can’t recommence training ‼️

No coaching or technique discussion ‼️

If you’re the odd one out you must be moving on the side of the mat (do not leave the mat) for example.. push ups, star jumps, skipping, sprawls ect. ‼️

Water is only a available before rounds begin, after the rounds and at the 3 rd mark and 6 rd mark

Every round starts standing (no guard pulling)

No talking/communication other than necessary/relevant info.

See you at 6PM 💪

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